When cousin Becky Griffith’s (NS Fenton Carter FG) aunt passed away, Becky was given some of her personal belongings. In one of the boxes, she discovered a notebook of Chance Family reunions that dated back to 1933. Mira Chance was the wife of Daniel Collins Carter, the son of Josiah Carter. While looking through the notebook, Beck found a hand-written eulogy for Josiah Carter, that she has generously shared.

Josiah Carter, the subject of this brief memoir, was born in the State of Pennsylvania Nov. 30th, 1792 removed to Ohio in 1812 and bade the world a peaceful adieu on the 3rd day of January 1842 in the 50th year of his age.

He had been an acceptable and truly exemplary member of the M. E. Church 15 yrs. Brother Carter was remarkable for his amiable and Christian deportment, and for a lively faith & zeal & love that appeared on all occasions to characterize his Christian profession. His daily walk and conversation were such as to adorn the religion on which he professed and exhibited indisputable evidence that his peace was made with his God, and his affections set on things above.

In all the relations of life he sustained the character of a truly good man. As a citizen he was quiet, peaceable, industrious, as a husband and father kind and affectionate as might be expected in the closing scene of his “all was well” the gloom and shadows of deaths vale were gilded by the presence of his blessed redeemer in whom he trusted, with perfect resignation unspeakable joy and complete triumph, he bade adieu to his weeping companion and sorrowing children, exhorting them to meet him in heaven, consoling indeed is the reflection that their loss is his eternal gain.

June 11th, 1842
Elijah Elliotte


The eulogy does contain one obvious error. From the records, we know that Josiah’s sister Beulah was born about 1799 in Ohio and his brothers Samuel, Fenton and possibly John was also born in Ohio after 1800, so unless Josiah was “left behind” with another family, it would be safe to assume that he arrived in Ohio well before the 1812 date given in the eulogy.

I recently sent a request for Josiah Carter’s will and probate records to the Butler County Records Center. They replied that they have no records for Josiah Carter at all. That may seem unusual, but his brother William also died without leaving a record. At least with Josiah, we have a date for his death.