The DNA project has discovered the family of Joshua Carter’s son John Carter and wife Nancy of Hamilton County mentioned in the deed for the sale of Joshua Carter’s property following his death in 1831.

Larry Carter has a match with a descendant of John and Nancy’s daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Carter and her husband, Allen Branch’s family. They are part of the John Branch family group. They also share a match with P.H. (managed by globalpathfinder), who is known to be a descendant of William Carter and Rachel Brenneman, and two other matches that are thought to also be Carter cousins.

Larry Carter and Tom Sibcy also both have a match to another descendant of Sarah Carter Branch, but his one is to the Rose Branch family group.

James H Carter Iowa Marriage Return

According to his headstone, John Carter was born 16 Feb 1800. He was likely born in Clear Creek Township, Warren County, Ohio on his father’s farm. A marriage record has not been found for John and Nancy; however, the Iowa marriage of their son, James H Carter lists his mother’s maiden name as Stewart. John passed away on 1 Oct 1876 in Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio and Nancy on 4 Jun 1894.

We are looking forward to welcoming our cousins from this branch of the family and introducing them to their ancestors from New Jersey.