Current Statistics (Updated:10/4/2018)

Participants: 15
Carter Cousins: 138
Major Branches: 3/5
Family Groups: 48

Project Sucess Stories

Read about the project’s three discoveries made in 2017 in the Blog.

About Privacy

Each Participant and Member are only identified by their username and a Tree Code that is used in the family tree on this website. Each Member is given their Tree Code. The Tree Code is used as your surname in the family tree and is attached to a blank person (no birth, marriage or other information). If you have living ancestors, they are only identified by initials in the tree. Participants are given a list of all of the Tree Codes, allowing them to see their exact relationship to their matches.

Inviting someone as a Viewer or Collaborator to your DNA Results does not give access to your raw DNA data. It only provides access to information about your DNA matches.

Inviting someone as a Manager of your DNA test will give them access to your raw DNA data. I will not accept Managment invitations. 

Sample Carter Cousins By Family Group

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Download the Current Cousin Table and Match Carts as a zipped Excell Spreadsheet for viewing here.

Sample Match Chart

More DNA Circles to Come!

As members from other branches of the family become participants in the project, I will be able to create DNA Circles for those branches. Because of the number of Carter-Kirby cousins that have been identified, a single member joining the project may all that is necessary to form a Sarah Carter DNA Circle.

About This Project

The purpose of this project is to use our DNA matches as a tool to aid in the research of our Carter family.

This project also is capable of making DNA Circles similar to DNA Circles, however, there are some major differences.

This project is made up of Participants and Members. Members are those Carter cousins who have not yet joined the project.
Matches between two Carter cousins who are Members are inferred from the Participants’ “Shared Matches”. limits DNA Circles to your 4th great-grandparents. There is not a 6 generation limit on the members of this DNA project.
This project does not depend on’s tree matching computer algorithm to match your tree to another Carter cousin’s tree. Instead, each Carter cousin’s direct family branch is researched and documented up to Joseph Carter and Mary Gaskill.

Other than those differences, the information available to project participants is identical to that provided by an DNA Circle. Eventually, I hope to create an interactive display.

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Project Participants
(in order they joined project)

Russ Carter
Marla Carter
Denia Woodland
Larry Carter
Tom Sibcy
Bob Carter
Deb Carter
Daniel Carter
Misty Wentz
Robert Pratt
Vern Johnson
Rebecca Griffith
Bob Coates
Joseph Byrne

How To Join

To join the project, all you need to do is to contact me and invite me as a “Viewer” to your DNA results. The support article for inviting a person to view your DNA results can be found here.

If you have taken the DNA test but are not interested in doing your own research on the other branches of your family, but you would like to learn more about them, you might consider inviting me as a “Collaborator” and allow me to attach your test to my family tree.

I will then do some research on the other branches of your family and send you an Ancestor Report. If there is one branch of your family that you have a special interest in, I can do some additional research for you. Later, if you decide to do your own research, I can send you your family tree file that you can upload to your Ancestry account.

This is my way of thanking you for your participation, and it also makes it easier to search your matches.

What Happens Next?

After you give me access to your test, I add the information about your matches into the database that I’ve designed. I then run the report that creates the DNA Chart. This will show you the known Carter Cousins that you have a match to. You will see an immediate increase in the number of known Carter cousins that you are a match to, as compared to the number of inferred matches shown on the attached DNA Chart. This normally takes me a couple of days.

I then do a quick search of your matches to find new Carter cousins. This takes a few more days, depending on how many new cousins are discovered and how much research I must do to enter them into my tree. I then run the report again.

It’s then the ongoing process of comparing the matches shared by more than one test, and investigating their tree until a common ancestor is found with our tree, or until it becomes apparent that the match may just be random, or caused by multiple common and very distant ancestors.

How you participate in this project is up to you. You can receive updates when new participants are and new cousins are discovered and when new articles are posted on the blog, you can contribute your time research, or you can just check the website whenever it strikes your fancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I’m a member of the DNA Circles in this project, why am I not a part of a DNA Circle on
You are part of these DNA Circles if you share a match with one or more other members AND your pedigree includes a direct connection to Joseph Carter and Mary Gaskill. To be part of a DNA Circle on Ancestry, you are depending on the capability of Ancestry’s tree matching algorithm to identify the common ancestors between you and your matches. I recommend that you read some of Ancestry’s sort and easy to understand articles that can be found by clicking the ? in the top-right corner of the DNA Match and DNA Circle portion of your DNA Profile Summary page.

Q.  MY Sibling [1st cousin, 2nd cousin, etc.] is already a participant in this project, are my DNA matches of any value?
Yes. Since we all inherit different Autosomal DNA our parents, and they from theirs, etc., your close relatives are likely to have matches to cousins that you do not. If you read the “Should other family members be tested?” article on, the same principles apply.

Q.  If DNA Circles form on, will this project still be necessary?
Yes. The primary purpose of the project is to use our shared matches as a tool, for researching Joseph Carter’s family past and as a means to find and verify his descendant’s family branches. The DNA Circles are a convenient and interesting way to display the DNA connections between family branches, and an easy way to keep track of the verified branches.