DNA Project FAQ


I would like to participate but I have concerns about sharing my DNA data. Is this safe?

Participation in this project does not require you to share your “DNA data”. It only requires you to share information about your DNA matches. Your actual Raw DNA data* IS NOT accessible by allowing someone to VIEW your DNA results.

*Your Raw DNA data, which is available for you to download from Ancestry.com, is safe to use on other websites.  The file does not contain any information that links the test directly to you or to the test number that was assigned to your DNA kit from Ancestry.com. When you upload your DNA data file to another website for research purposes, the test is linked to your account on that website. Since you control what information is provided to create your user account, you control the safety of your DNA data.

 Is my identity safe?

You are only identified by your Ancestry.com username or a Test ID that I have assigned you. The Test ID is used as your Given Name in the family tree on this site and my Ancestry.com Carter-Morton family tree. People visiting the Family Tree on this website will be able to see you; however, only your tree ID is displayed (given name). When participants request to be a guest to my Ancestry.com Carter-Morton family tree, I do not allow them to view living people. If you have living ancestors, they are identified by initials only. There is no other personal information about you or your living ancestors in either tree. (I can make adjustments to how you and your living ancestors are displayed in the family trees if you desire.)

Will my email address be published or given out?



I’m already listed as a Carter Cousin. Does that mean I’m a participant of this project?


What are the benefits of Participating in this DNA Project?


Benefits for Ancestry.com DNA Test Takers who are not subscribers

Benefits for Ancestry.com subscribers