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This Family Tree is a “Descendants Tree” and therefore contains only the descendants of Joseph Carter and Mary Gaskill and their spouses (currently over 4,300).

This tree is maintained in-sync with my R Carter Tree on Ancestry.com.

Due to storage space and bandwidth limitations on this website, only selected records are available here.

Additional records are available and can be viewed/downloaded from my Ancestry.com tree.

If you do not have a paid subscription to Ancestry.com, you can email me and ask to be invited as a Guest to my R Carter tree. You will then be able to view/download records and photos.

If you have been given your “Tree Code” enter it into the Last Name search block and press “Search”. You will be taken to your Individual Page and can view your Ancestor Chart from there.

If your Ancestry Username is listed in the DNA Project, but you have not received your Tree Code, email me.

If you press the Search button without entering a First or Last Name you will get a list of all people in this tree. Then press the “Heat Map” button and you will see a heat map of all the locations that the descendants of Joseph Carter and Mary Gaskill were born, married, and died.


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